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Net Insight Joins AIMS for IP Media Solutions - Yahoo Finance

AIMS is also chartered to work with organizations, such as the Video Services Forum (VSF), the Society of Motion Picture and Television Engineers (SMPTE) and the European Broadcasting Union (EBU), to advance new standards by providing support and testing in real-world environments. "Today we are actively working with our customers on their transition from SDI to IP, and share the view of AIMS that open and interoperable standards are crucial for this technology shift," says Martin Karlsson, CTO & vice president, product portfolio at Net Insight. "We see great value in broad industry collaboration and are already members of VSF, SMPTE, MEF and ETSI. We believe that AIMS will be a key driver in the transition to IP, and we look forward to collaborating with the other members of the alliance." For further information, please contact: Martin Karlsson, CTO & Vice President Product Portfolio at Net Insight, +46 8 685 04 00, About Net Insight Net Insight`s vision is to enable a live and interactive media experience for anyone on earth. Net Insight delivers media transport solutions that empower broadcasters, content owners and network service providers to activate their audiences by providing a quality-of-experience worth paying for, live and local content that`s part of their world and interactive experiences they want to be part of. The company`s solutions enable live, interactive and on-demand media transport, with operational simplicity, to let customers focus on delivering the best possible experience to their audiences. Net Insight`s strength lies in enabling lossless video transport at any scale, from live contribution via the Internet, to ultra-high-definition distribution in managed media networks spanning the globe. More than 500 world-class customers run mission critical media services using Net Insight`s solutions, covering more than 60 countries worldwide. Net Insight is listed on NASDAQ OMX, Stockholm. For more information, please visit About AIMS Net Insight Joins AIMS for IP Media Solutions This announcement is distributed by NASDAQ OMX Corporate Solutions on behalf of NASDAQ OMX Corporate Solutions clients.

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