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Before you travel, find out if your destination requires a visa. Visas might take a while to process, so give yourself enough time to apply and receive it. If you do not have a visa and your destination requires it, then you will not be able to enter.

Both sides said the agreement was confidential and won't be made public. The judge scheduled an April 19 hearing to make it final. The 1-mile SpeedVegas course was closed for 12 days after an orange Lamborghini Aventador crashed and burst into flames, killing Craig Sherwood, 37, a real estate agent from Thornhill, Ontario, and driving instructor Gil Ben-Kely, 59. Authorities said the car slammed into a wall and burned at a curve following a half-mile straightaway that SpeedVegas advertises as the longest at an amateur track without a speed limit. Gentile said employees told his investigators that the course had five crashes in its first nine months of operations, including two prior wrecks at the turn immediately following the straightaway. Attorneys for the business questioned in court filings whether Sherwood had a medical episode while driving. His medical history was not made part of the court record. The state Occupational Safety and Health Administration is investigating the cause of the crash at the track that opened a year ago several miles south of the Las Vegas Strip.

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